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First meeting of Technical Working Groups for the Mami Wata Project Date : 18th to the 22nd of September 2017 Venue : Freetown, Sierra Leone  Documents: ToRs
9ème Edition du Forum Régional Côtier et Marin en Afrique de l'Ouest Date : 23 au 26 octobre 2017 Lieu : Conakry, Guinée Documents: Info , Info1

ABIDJAN 4 June 2013 - Guinea marine scientists began their second week of practical training Tuesday in the separation, identification and sampling of organisms that live on, in or near the bottom of the seabed.

The two-week course which began Tuesday in Conakry, the capital, includes theory on invertebrate marine organisms on the ocean floor, scientifically known as the Benthos Zone. Organisms in this include starfish, oysters, clams, sea cumbers, brittle stars and anemone which scavenge the seabed.


CAPE TOWN, South Africa, 29 Jan. 2013 – Unpaid financial pledges to the Abidjan Convention Secretariat dropped to USD 848,163 by 31 December 2013, according to a report tabled Tuesday at the end of the Convention’s Bureau meeting in Cape Town.

At the beginning of 2013 unpaid pledges stood at USD 1,087,806, according to the report. A review of the Secretariat’s financial standing shows that USD 609,413 of contributions had been collected in current and past unpaid pledges for the Convention’s Trust Fund.

Pledges collected to cover expenditures for 2013 were less than 29 per cent, with just 4 of 16 countries making payments. However, the Trust Fund still had a cash balance of USD 578,919 by 31 December 2013, compared with USD 194,967 for the same period in 2012.