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Abidjan - The Abidjan Convention and the Norwegian Centre of Expertise Grid Arendal have developed a project called "Marine Management in West Africa on Training and Application”. This project funded by the German Ministry of the Environment, Conservation of Nature, Construction and Nuclear Safety, was launched during a workshop which took place in Dakar in April 2016.

This project aims to lay the foundations for an ocean management policy at the level of the Member States of the Convention, in accordance with its COP decision n°CP.12 /7 on Regional policy on the integrated management of coastal and marine areas .

In order to present the project to the different stakeholders and define the role of each party in the implementation of the project, The Ivorian Anti-Pollution Centre” (CIAPOL) convened a one-day meeting on 20 September under the theme: Integrated Management of the Abidjan Assinie Marine and Coastal Area.

Assinie is a seaside town located in the Southern region of Côte d’Ivoire and at the edge of the Gulf of Guinea.

According to Professor Yapo Ossey Bernard, Deputy Director of the Central Laboratory for the Environment and representing the Director of CIAPOL, integrated management of the marine and coastal zone from Abidjan to Assinie, is a challenge for Côte d'Ivoire given the complexity of the different human activities that take place there. These activities, which take place in the same space with limited natural resources, are often the cause of conflicts between different actors with different interests.

Therefore, there is a need to implement the national project of Côte d'Ivoire which extends over the marine and coastal area of the Abidjan area in Assinie and is located on the South-East coast. It aims to put in place an operational marine spatial planning tool that will make it possible to organize the use of the marine and coastal area of the region, preserve ecosystems of ecological and biological importance and reduce conflicts of use, while facilitating the achievement of the agreed socio-economic objectives.

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Vanessa Ahouadjiro/Alison Amoussou