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Abidjan Aquatic Wildlife Partnership 1st Meeting Date : 23rd to 25th July 2018 Venue : Seen Hotel - Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)
Atelier national d'opérationnalisation du plan national d'urgence contre les déversements accidentels d'hydrocarbures en mer du Bénin Date : 09th to 11th of July 2018 Venue : Cotonou, Golden Tulipe le Diplomate, Benin L’atelier national d'opérationnali...


ABIDJAN 14 November 2015 - Large deposits of Sargassum seaweed on coastal sites may seem drastic to several West African countries but converting this environmental challenge into economic gain is just one element of a three-point strategy experts are considering to winon both counts. “UNEP, therefore, challenge you experts here gathered to propose an adaptive management strategy of seaweed in West Africa, Abou Bamba, the regional coordinator of the Abidjan Convention, said at the opening of the meeting in Freetown, Sierra Leone. Read More