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Abidjan Aquatic Wildlife Partnership 1st Meeting Date : 23rd to 25th July 2018 Venue : Seen Hotel - Abidjan (Côte d'Ivoire)
Atelier national d'opérationnalisation du plan national d'urgence contre les déversements accidentels d'hydrocarbures en mer du Bénin Date : 09th to 11th of July 2018 Venue : Cotonou, Golden Tulipe le Diplomate, Benin L’atelier national d'opérationnali...

Ministers from Africa’s Atlantic seaboard countries approved an amended text of the Abidjan Convention and three new protocols at the 12th Conference of Parties to the Convention, held on 27-31 March in Abidjan, conditioning their approval on the incorporation into the drafts of comments made at the meeting.

The ministers requested the Convention’s secretariat to organize a meeting of plenipotentiaries to adopt the amended convention and the protocols, which relate to integrated coastal zone management, sustainable management of mangroves and environmental norms and standards for the exploration and exploitation of oil and gas. Read More